Wedding Decor for Rent Santa Rosa CA

Party, Tents and Events Rentals has the best selection of wedding decor for rent Santa Rosa CA. The look of your wedding does not need to be limited to linens and flowers. Let your personality really shine through with our diverse selection of party decor for rent. We have developed a collection of one of a kind items to make your event shine. We buy when you can rent wedding decor for less?

Accent your indoor or outdoor event with our diverse collection of statuary. From graceful cranes to playful bears to antique style rocking chairs, Party, Tents and Events Rentals has the perfect statues to bring your event to life. Why use ordinary containers when we have a great selection of rustic style stands and containers. Choose to display gifts, favors, or food on a stand made entirely of tree trunks and branches.

Party, Tents and Events Rentals specializes in decor that acknowledges our location in the Wine Country of the United States. We carry a wide variety of wine barrels, wine racks, and wine inspired decor. Display the wines to be served at your event with a beautiful rustic wine rack, or stage and serve them on a collection of wine barrels. Rent wedding decor that will accentuate your choice of wine for a classic touch.

Set the Scene with Wedding Decor

The wedding decor for rent at our Santa Rosa CA location encompasses a large range of fun and functional items. Set the scene with items from ornamental bird cages to antique style sleds to vintage tea kettles. Vintage wooden crates and baskets can be functional or hold additional decorative items. Keep your flowers simple and display them in our beautiful vintage vases, for a custom look for less. Bring the outside in (or stage the outside beautifully) with our iron flowers and decorative fountains. Or add live plants to your flower scheme using our decorative shepherds hooks, for flowers that your guests can take home as a favor.

Party, Tents and Events Rentals provides wedding decor for rent from our location at 115 Lystra Court in Santa Rosa CA. Give us a call today to see how we can help you stage the wedding or event of your dreams, within your budget.

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