For today's trend towards rustic wedding styles, wood chargers are an essential addition to any tablescape. A charger is a large plate that serves as a decorative base for other dinnerware. They add a little special something to formal table decor and help anchor the table, but they also serve a practical function of helping to catch food spills before they end up on the tablecloth. No formal table setting is complete without chargers.

At PTE Rentals, we carry charging plates in a wide variety of available materials and colors. You'll want to choose the appropriate chargers to enhance the chosen decor for your event. Brides and grooms often select chargers to match one of their wedding's colors. These days, rustic weddings are a huge trend, with couples even going so far as to host their event in a barn or at a vineyard. Shiny gold acrylic chargers might seem out of place in such a setting, but wood chargers will be right at home at a vineyard table or beachy venue. During the holiday season, though, gold acrylic chargers can look lovely against a backdrop of a red or green tablecloth for a Christmas party. For many parties, silver acrylic chargers are the right choice to complement the flatware and add a formal touch to the table without standing out.

Whether you're looking for acrylic, glass, rattan, or wood chargers, PTE Rentals has an option for you. Take a look at our stock online: we also carry a huge number of other rental options for dinnerware, utensils, serving equipment, and so much more. We're a locally-owned, family-operated business serving the Santa Rosa area and wine country, with over 30 years in the party rental business. Give us a call today!

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