About Us

For more than 30 years, Party, Tent & Event Rentals have provided unforgettable events to individuals and groups of all kinds. As a family-owned and operated local business, we know this area intimately and are always up on current trends. Our staff boasts a CA Licensed Class B Contractor (#557501), which means your event is always in professional hands. From dream wine country weddings to fabulous corporate galas, we have everything you need to throw the party of a lifetime. Our team maintains relationships with dozens of vendors in order to recommend you the perfect venue, caterer, photographer, and more. We'll take your vision and craft it into reality, from a twilight reception to a morning brunch. You have a party to enjoy -- let us take care of the rest.

Kristi Davidson is our office manager. Kristi started on February 14th 2008 as a new event consultant and has now been with Party, Tent & Event Rentals for 8 years.  Kristi likes the one-on-one experience with her clients. She wants to make you feel as if you're talking to your best friend, and that you can tell her anything and trust her with your vision.  Have an idea? Kristi will Google, Pinterest, and search the universe to help you find a way to make that idea come to life.  Plan on spending at least an hour or two in the showroom when you sit across the desk from your new best friend/event consultant, because Kristi will have lots to say and lots of help so you'll leave with a smile on your face and your mind at ease.

Kristi's Ideal Event: The perfect event is outdoors in mid-spring or early summer, when the smell of the flowers, trees, and grass warms your spirit.  Imagine it alongside the friends and family who make your heart smile and make you laugh out loud. You dance the night away! Oh, let’s not forget the full bar in the corner to quench your thirst during all that laughing and dancing.  Margarita anyone? =)

Favorite Food: Kristi could live every day in bliss with the spicy flavor of Mexican food at the table.

Email: kristi.d@pterentals.com


Amber Loustalot has been with PTE since early 2015 as an Events Consultant. She enjoys working face to face with her clients, helping them to create their vision. Amber loves bringing brides in to the show room and setting up mock tables, searching the web to find exactly what they’re envisioning and doing all that she can to make that happen. Being a part of one of the biggest, most memorable days in someone’s life is an incredibly uplifting experience.  

Amber's Ideal Event: The perfect event, for Amber, is a family BBQ. Give her a hot summer Sunday where the weather stays warm through the night, family, friends, cold beer, good music, delicious food, and lots of tanning oil, and Amber is a happy girl.  If the BBQ is lake or riverside, EVEN BETTER!

Favorite food: SUSHI! Yum :)

Email: amber@pterentals.com


Yuri Peralta has been an Events Consultant at Party, Tents & Events for two years. She views her time at PTE as an exciting learning experience. She loves to work with brides, helping them to have their dream wedding. She enjoys seeing the unique ideas of each bride when they come in. Her strengths include going above and beyond for her brides, which means anything from creating a setup table so the bride can see her vision to looking things up and giving her input. She always finds a way for her brides’ dreams to come true.

Yuri’s Ideal Event: Her wedding with all her family and friends. They would be eating traditional Mexican food and just enjoying each other’s company and having a great time. The wedding would be at a vineyard that you could stay at all night so they could dance the night away. She adores spending time with her family.

Favorite food: Sushi and Mexican food.

Email: yuri@pterentals.com