Stage Lighting for Rent Santa Rosa CA

Make your special event shine with stage lighting for rent Santa Rosa CA. Party, Tents and Events Rentals offers a full range of lighting for any event. From decorative lights to set the mood to lighting that will make your pictures perfect, we have a convenient and affordable rental option for you. Whether your event is indoors or out, we have a myriad of lighting options for you.

We don’t just supply functional lighting, we also rent decorative lighting. Our range of decorative light fixtures and string lights can enhance any theme or setting. Do not let your vision be constrained by your budget - let us bring your vision to life, affordably. Light the way for your guests in style with our lamp posts and pathway lights. These lights are perfect to get your guests into, out of, and around night time and outdoor events safely.

Bring Light Into Your Party!

We do not just rent decorative lighting, we bring the fun with dance floor lighting such as disco balls and strobe lights. But our stock of decorative lighting is second to none - from hanging edison bulbs, to paper lanterns, to chandeliers, to classic and simple rope lighting, we have the perfect decorative lights for any style events.

Stage lighting is essential for large events and we have a wide variety for rent at our Santa Rosa CA rental center. As an eco-friendly business, we carry many LED light options. These provide a warm, flattering light while saving energy and natural resources. Currently we offer LED uplights, light bars, and light trees. We also carry spotlights.

Stage and other lighting requires power to function so we carry generators for rent at our Santa Rosa CA location. Our powerful generators will keep your outdoor or remote event going well into the night. We also carry lighting control equipment, such as lighting boards, to run what we rent. Call Party, Tents and Events Rentals today or stop in at our 115 Lystra Court location in Santa Rosa, California to discuss your dream event and how we can make it a reality.

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