Cake Displays for Rent Santa Rosa CA

Cake displays for rent Santa Rosa CA will put your delicious desserts front and center. Whether your event requires a traditional centerpiece cake or a tower of treats, Party, Tents and Events Rentals has you covered. Our cake stands, display stands, bowls, and party platters suit any event or setting in style. You have carefully selected what to serve at your event - why serve it in boring containers or, worse, directly out of plastic and aluminum containers? Your menu deserves the spotlight, and it will get it with our stands and platters for rent.

Are you planning a wedding? One of the most fun parts of wedding planning is choosing a cake. We offer a number of single and tiered take stands, to display even the most elaborate wedding cake securely. However, many couples are choosing a more informal, whimsical, and budget friendly option. Dozens of cupcakes, pastries, or even donuts are a delicious and fun alternative to a pricey formal cake, but they required proper display to be recognized as a centerpiece dessert. Using a tiered cake stand to display your selected confections is a great way to make them shine. Another cost effective option is ordering a small formal cake, and then supplementing it with a selection of other desserts (sometimes even sheet cakes). Beautifully decorated cakes often are not the most delicious, and this allows you to have the best of both worlds. Display the extra desserts on our platters available for rent, and your dessert table will look pulled together and tempting.

Show Off Your Cake with a Beautiful Display

Beyond the dessert table, we offer food display and serving items suitable for any event. While we offer a wide selection of cake displays for rent from our Santa Rosa CA location, we also stock display stands suitable for fruits, cheeses, appetizers, and other small food items. As well as simple elegant platters, we also stick engraved platters and wood and slate platters (ideal for sophisticated and rustic events). We also stock multi-bowl stands and, of course, a wide variety of classic whiteware in any size and shape that you may need.

Come and see the cake displays for rent at the Party, Tents and Events Rentals location in Santa Rosa CA. We are open Monday through Sunday, seven days a week at our convenient 115 Lystra Court location.

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